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Activities and Events at Forest Side


Every month our Life Enrichment team produces a new schedule of programming for our residents to enjoy. Residents enjoy musical concerts, culinary arts, topical lectures and more! For highlights from this month's program schedule, see below.

For this month's complete program schedule, click here.

December Life Enrichment Programs at a Glance

December 5th 12:00pm - Birthday Luncheon (GR-A1&2)
December 7th 2:30pm - Happy Hour & Jazz with Wendell Bunyan (GR-B2)
December 9th 2:00pm - Movies & Popcorn: Miracle on 34th Street (CR)
December 12th 2:00pm - Internet Travels & Discussion: Christmas in NYC (CR)
3:00pm - Menorah Lighting (1st Floor, A-1)
December 13th 1:00pm - Tales of Light: Honoring Hanukkah (GR-A2)
December 16th 2:00pm - Small Group Projects: Making Hanukkah Cards (GR-A1)
December 18th 10:30am - Robert Jenner Lecture: The Kings of Retail (CR)
December 21st 3:30pm - Happy Hour & Dance Party with Chyp & Andi (GR-A1)
December 25th 2:00pm - Movies and Popcorn: A Christmas Carol (CR)
December 30th 2:00pm - Time Capsules with Shaunta (CR)

Location Key
(CR) Club Room
(GR-A1) Great Room A, 1st Floor
(GR-A2) Great Room A, 2nd Floor
(FR) Family Room
(BP) Back Patio
(FP) Front Porch



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